As a TLO, what should I be accessing and doing in TRACS?

As your school’s TASC Liaison Officer (TLO), you should keep an eye on the following in TRACS:
1) The “bell” icon at top right. If TASC sends you a message, a white number in a red circle will appear over the bell icon. The new correspondence also appears under “Correspondence” on your Home Page.
2) Watch “Upcoming Events” on the Home Page for TRACS-based actions you may need to take.
In rare circumstances, you may get a conventional email from TASC about major events. We do, however, endeavour to keep as much correspondence as possible with you via the TRACS portal.

Go to "Provider"; "Correspondence"; Click on "+Add Task" at bottom left; Complete your message on the correspondence page that appears; Save.

All your completed (and active) tasks can be found on the Correspondence page (PROVIDER > CORRESPONDENCE).

Currently, providers are not able to delete files once uploaded to TRACS. If you mistakenly upload the wrong document, send us a notification under the “comments” tab then upload the correct document.

If you type “CTRL F” on the Correspondence page, you will be able to enter a search term(s) to help find the correspondence you’re looking for.

For Department of Education staff, TRACS assigns Roles based on roles listed in VKey. To update or add/subtract a role in TRACS, the VKey Officer at your school can make the change for you. The change will take 2 days to appear in TRACS.

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