What is TRACS?.

TRACS is a complete student management system, which will used by the Office of TASC (TASC) to manage student assessment and certification data and support the management of Tasmanian Secondary School results.

As a modern system, built with best-practice technology, TRACS will ensure the Office of TASC can continue to provide premium qualifications and support Tasmanian senior secondary students into the future.

For schools, TRACS streamlines the management of student information and results through a contemporary portal and provides a simpler way to liaise with TASC.

It is easy to use and simplifies the process for schools to complete registration, submit scope to TASC, track correspondence and manage student data.

The correspondence section of the portal, allows schools to make queries directly to TASC, providing a responsive environment for enquiries and allowing schools to track progress of these enquiries.

It will be used by key staff in schools who interact with TASC, including Principals, administration staff and TASC Liaison Officers.

What is TRACS?

TRACS (TASC Registration, Assessment and Certification System) is the Office of TASC’s system for the management of student administration, examination and certification data.

TRACS creates a robust system and enduring legacy for the management of secondary student information now and in the future.

The system was launched to schools in early April 2019.

Why is TRACS needed?

In 2017, the Office of TASC identified the need to transition its student management system to a modern platform that would guarantee the effective management of student administration, examination and certification data into the future.

TRACS was created in partnership between the Department of Education and TASC with input from the teaching and school community.

Its goal is to both modernise and simplify processes relating to student administration, examination and certification and enable schools more time with students.

TRACS is a single place for schools to communicate with the Office of TASC and will allow schools to track their interaction with TASC and see progress of enquiries.

Staff in schools and registered training organisations (RTOs), who currently work with the Office of TASC for the management of data, assessment and certification of senior secondary students in Tasmania will be the main users of TRACS.

In April when TRACS commences roll out, school Principals, TASC Liaison Officers, and staff involved with TASC processes will be key users of TRACS.

For the second stage of release from the middle of 2019, teachers, markers and marking coordinators will be introduced to TRACS and provided with information and training to support their use of the system.

TRACS was launched in April 2019.

Schools were introduced to components of TRACS in the months leading up to launch and provided with information and training on the release of subsequent components.

In April, the TRACS portal, the TRACS central database and the TRACS customer relationship management system was launched and resources made available to support its use.

The second stage of release is anticipated to be released from the middle of 2019, will include the release of features four, five and six – the TRACS exam control centre, the TRACS assessment database and TRACS reporting.